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iMARSMED offers a complete paperless solution

Transitioning to a paperless medical software offers your practice added benefits far beyond efficiency and productivity, to include real cost savings. Using iMARSMED's unique approach to a paperless system, your current paper forms are easily scanned and converted to pdf templates, documents are searchable using a computer or a mobile device and are instantly retrievable. Routine consents and documents are processed electronically and automated paperlessly. More importantly, the risk of losing information is reduced because electronic files are captured and managed in a safe and HIPAA compliant cloud-based storage specifically designed for the healthcare industry.

Cloud Based Practice Management

iMarsmed allows providers to store, access, and manage critical patient records on a reliable cloud storage infrastructure. Our cloud-based practice management software means no software to buy, download, and install. No maintenance or upgrades of any kind. Any practice can go online in minutes.

Online Patient Forms, Patient Admission and Registration

Your patients are now able to review and complete pre-admission and registration paperwork. Read over consents, and other important documents on their own time, without being rushed at the doctor's office. Never a need to fill out multiple forms to provide up-to-date health history to different medical facilities, departments or caregivers.

Patient Centered Health Records

In broad terms, patient-centered care is a model in which providers partner with patients and their families to identify and satisfy the full range of patient needs and preferences. The patient has full access and control over their health and treatment records. The IOM (Institute of Medicine) defines patient-centered care as: "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions." Among the major attributes of patient-centered healthcare are coordination, communication and empowerment through the use of a Patient Portal. A patient portal is a secure online website that gives patients convenient 24-hour access to personal health information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Appointment Reminders & Requests

Packed with features to streamline patient registration and scheduling tasks. You can register patients directly into the main iMARS software or look up patients from the list, schedule or reschedule complex appointments or find any appointment scheduled in the past or future -- all in a few seconds. Using total graphical interface and drag-n-drop technology, color code provider or appointment types, move schedules around, adjust appointment times or make any updates.

Private and Secure Communication

iMarsmed & iMarsLink offer a simple and easy-to-use notification and messaging system optimized for maximum security and privacy.

Email in general is not secure. There is no reliable way to know that the person receiving the email is the intended recipient. Oftentimes medical providers are forced to use an email policy informing patients that they should expect no privacy as it relates to using the practice’s email or Internet systems. So, when it comes to discussing diagnoses and treatments for patients, you need to be aware that general email has no guarantee of privacy.

Online Invoicing and Patient Payments

iMarsmed offers an innovative and complete self-pay invoicing system for the healthcare professionals. Create and email an invoice in just minutes, complete with a Pay Now button your patients can click to pay you. It’s a payment and invoicing tool in one. Ideal for solo practitioners, as well as multi-physician groups of any specialty, chiropractic, and especially cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Easily generate and track procedure based invoices, unpaid invoices, and account receivables.

Privacy & Security

In a medical office, data privacy and security involves storing patient files in locked cabinets where they can be physically secured and visibly monitored at all times. When you store patient information and records online, you must provide certain precautions in order to maintain the same security and privacy guaranteed each patient.

While HIPAA permits patient records to be transmitted over the Internet, doctors and healthcare facilities should insist on a service that offers file encryption, authentication and password protection in order to secure the information. Although HIPAA does not require online data storage services to have encryption, it does require that patient information be adequately protected and accessible only to authorized persons. Finally, sensitive patient information and documents must be protected from any unauthorized persons or any former employees after they have left or been terminated.

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